This fully fledged department takes care of all electrical engineering requirements for the Oil & Gas facilities. Power is a major requirement in such facilities, with high emphasis on good engineering practices. Loss of power means loss of production; therefore high availability and reliable systems must be in place.

Typical deliverables include:

  • Electrical design basis
  • Equipment sizing & specifications (Switchgear, Transformers, Generators, RMU’s, etc.)
  • Equipment datasheets
  • Electrical load list
  • UPS sizing calculation
  • Cable sizing calculations
  • Cable routing layout
  • Demolition layout
  • Earthing layout
  • Lighting calculations
  • Outdoor lighting layout
  • Electrical cable block diagram
  • Electrical cable schedule
  • Electrical field equipment layout
  • Electrical building equipment layout
  • Typical installation details
  • Key Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Single line diagrams
  • Protection & metering schematics
  • Relay co-ordination study reports.
  • Electrical System Modeling (CYME)
  • Substation Control System (SCS) specifications
  • I/O Schedule for SCS
  • E&I Interface diagrams