Engineering Capabilities

BCCES’s capabilities include expertise in the Oil & Gas facilities engineering works, for upstream, midstream, and downstream onshore facilities.

This includes but is not limited to oil production well head facilities, flow lines, degassing stations, cross country pipelines, gas recovery systems, relief & flare systems, utilities, compressor stations, 3phase separation, distillation columns, refinery, water treatment plants.

BCCES has extensive experience in Green Field, and Brown field based engineering works.

Expertise also extends to Brown field expansions, automation upgrades, and other complicated facilities upgrades.

The basis on which BCCES works is that all our engineers must have experience not only in design of these facilities, but in the practical aspects related to constructability, commissioning, and their subsequent operation.

The key success observed is that design of a system must not only cater for the design intent or throughput of the facility, but to the practical startup, operational, and maintainability aspects of the system.