Human Resource

BCCES Organizational Chart can be found below. Our engineering manpower is all in house, permanent hire personnel.

As the workload increases, BCCES has the ability to expand quickly in manpower through several avenues including deputation of personnel from engineering partners overseas when establishing task forces for projects.

BCCES is a believer of the task force methodology of having independent project task forces for independent large projects, which makes delivery of design deliverables more efficient.

We also believe the power of a good education and a good basis in engineering is one of the key pillars of success in this industry.

Our General Manager for BCCES is Dr. Bassem G. J. Salman, who is a postgraduate PhD Doctorate holder, for Electrical Engineering, specialized in Electromagnetics Section, from University of Wales Swansea. He is also certified engineer for electrical & electronic engineering as per the Law No. 19/2005.

The majorities of our Head Office Department’s Lead engineers holds Postgraduate Degrees in engineering and are certified engineers in their respective disciplines as per the Law No. 19/2005.

All Discipline Engineers hold engineering degrees from recognized universities all over the world and some of them are certified engineer in their respective disciplines as per the Law No. 19/2005.